Super Junior, KyuHyun

Super Junior, KyuHyun

Saturday, May 15, 2010


long time i never update the blog...

went 1 utama wif sheryl
auntie sally fetch us there...
im glad she's free
then my mom n auntie sally walk around
i n sheryl walk around too =)
*dun ask me whos sheryl*

we went to the jusco part there
long time never go edi
wanna find our way out to the older part oso hard
we like inside the hidden passage
at last im smart

pass by the TGV cinema...
sheryl thought it was a dead end
TGV lies between the new wing n the old wing
of cause...
the old wing is more bigger
went we pass by the TGV cinema..
we like... O.O
soooooooo longgggg wayyyyyy
almost like 2-3 km long
its reli big
the walking path is quite sempit...
somore so many ppl
many game shop there
then we walk to the middle part there
we thought we at highest floor
then we saw escalator...
we go up
a new GSC cinema was build
lol, much more bigger then TGV
then we see up again
its arcade n CC
haha, many ppl on that cc
its not in a shop
its outside the walking way
hahaha, 1st time saw a cc lyk that
then we went arcade...
tekken 6 br was there
ubut, no dance machine
its quite expansive
RM1 for 1 token
2 token for tekken 6
the arcade is small
but many ppl playin tekken 6 br
haha, so i play for fun
but too bad i 4get bring my tekken 6 card
coz know y??
so many noob
i use jin win 3 guy
them lose to a leo
then i put token again
choose my new learn miguel
ahaha, win the leo
then another big fat guy come'
he play bob
ahahaha, juz lyk him
lol, sheryl laugh like mad
she laugh so pretty, haha XD
the bob so pro
he win me
i play again
use jin
lose again T.T
then i juz go off
play daytona
the arcade was so boring
so i use the token
play the...
sweet grab machine
it was so big
many sweets inside
i put the last token
sheryl play it
she so lucky
grab so many

i teman sheryl go see baju
the feel is juz different wif teman other girl see baju
she bought a dress
it was reli beautiful
n 70% discount
then we went to subway eat
lol, easy, cheap n fulling
i order a large italiano ham sandwich
we share
it was reli big
so fulling

time pass fast.....
its late at nite
so auntie sally fetch us back
thx to her for the transportation =)
but.... i hope these time wun pass so fast
its a best moment
im at home n bloggin now
there's where i am n wat im doin
there's nothing to write anymore

say hi n gudbye=)
Short story ends.... NOW!!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


its also one of the part of life...
will control ur mood n expressions
will conquer ur brain n ur heart
make u experience admiring
creat more hate n anger
make more war n fighting
make u feel warm
more money will be waste for treatment

Life is a game
we, humans are juz a game character
its no different of playin The Sims or anything
we control 'us'
to find goal to the very end
games will end nomatter what
our lifes ends when the the words
"Game Over' pop out
new game will be created n start new life
new style, new faces....
its nothing... nothing different of playin The Sims
we control ourself... to move n this n that
'Life' this game is not easy at all
somebody think it easy becoz family situation
how our character been created??
how we are from that family??
everything choosen by GOD
GOD is juz like our... 'GM'
Game Master
god is the one who created this game
for us
for u
for me
for she
for he
we must appreciate this 'Life'
this is a rare game
not everyone can be a character like us 'humans'
many of it are animals n plants
we... 'humans' are lucky characters
so we must appreciate what god gives
humans is the best character in this game
Love... is a part of the game

what do u think bout LOVE??
hard?? easy?? happy?? sad??
these wun help...
LOVE is just like a weather
sometimes when we are sad, like raining
angry, like lighning
happy, like sunny day
Love will not be complicated if u cherish
n appreciate the one u loves

love is a pure happiness, it is a warm hug n confort
nights of endless passion, it is a thousand words in a single glance
feeling safe, it is trust n encouragement
few words that reading between
the lines n its reading unwritten

i found 1 of it
appreciate is needed
cannot lose, cannot release
loves her, i will

are also part of the game
frens are a joy
family are a care
god make us
god make them
every human
is appreciatable
do not lose frens
more hate or angle will be created
if god never make frens
then u will be
as lonely as a starfish
in front of ur frens
dun speak too much rude words
be nice, more charisma
frens will be nice 2 u too

i have many good frens
appreciate i must
cant be too rude or too stingy
few words to be memorize

is also needed for life

Money... its earn by parents stressly
its not easy to earn money
unless u reli have ur luck
god make lucks
dun play wif ur lucks
if no Money...
no foods, Game Over will be pop out soon
so do not let the game over
earn some money
appreciate LIFES
nobody earns money without stress
if u realy lack of Money
do not do bad things
like robbing or stealing
doing these did get money
but u will be in jail if caught
then the game will be meaningless
the game will be too bored

pls appreciate lifes
god did give us time
at least 80 years to play
some of it can play even longer
some of it must over early
accidents, is also depends on others
n urself
control urself to a bright future
if u stress in the begining...
future will be full of joy
if u never wanted to stress
ur future life will be full of stress
there is even some way for us to play this game
precious god made us
appreciate until the very end

thats all for now...
say hi n gudbye =)

LIFE story ends.... NOW!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


yeah.. auditions went well =)
we approved to perform in digital mall =)
our its you went well
but our sorry sorry ...
abit mistake...
we need train more
n the girls OH oso
need more training

we have audition in the temple
near USJ 1
be4 that
i went eat bak kut teh in klang wif my family
after im back
li jin came early to my house
the time like was 11 30
i ask them come at 12++
but she came early =.=
so she train her OH first
then later, edward came
li jin 4get a few steps
edward teach her
when i saw edward shake...
i was like...
OMG... lol
ok lah, he shake nice la
but imagine a boy shake his butt
later, tze yang (our hair stylist)
n keh li came
tze yang make our hair
tze yang make brandon hair so yeng
the back all stand
after that...
we went to the temple
start our audition
when 3 girls dance supergirl
me, keh li, edward, brandon
LC them, lol
after our auditions
we went to summit...
by walking
try imagine
i never bring money... lol
we dance dance dance
(dancing machine la)
then saw Aaron Teoh
he dance so dam geng
i n edward like so
never thought aaron dance
then alan came after his work in
Black Canyon
he play initial D
wif brandon
then shaw come play wif him
but he accidently choose Akagi map
so shaw sure lose la
shaw ask Eddy play
lol, the block car pro
sure eddy win la
then my mom come fetch me back...
it was heavy rain

n thats all =)
say hi n gudbye =)

short stories ends.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

swims make bad moods away

2day, in school...
edward in bad mood we know
coz of keh yi...
in BC time
me, edward n brandon was sleeping in class
its reli tired n boring
after BC
li jin n GK bergaduh dunno wat spray water la
teacher come in li jin oso shout so loud
after school
me, edward, kehli n brandon
went to CC
we play dota
i half of year never play di
so forgot how buy item n others
edward one on one wif me first
hahaha, i actually hand shivering when vs edward
but at least i win =)
then later i n edward, keh li n brandon team
i n edward win until kao kao, hahaha
then we play Left 4 Dead
we 4 play until dam geng
so nice 2 play
then we play cs next

after cc, i went back take my pants
then go brandon's house swimming
so dam syok
swimming makes worries away =)
then joey n keh yi join us
keh yi keep on tangkap my hand tak lepas
then we walk back slowllllyyyyy
walk back home for an hour
long enuf

its reli happy to swim wif my frens
especially brandon, edward n keh li
of corse others too =)
anyone reading my blog....
try it, swim reli makes u
refresh n ur bad moods away

thats all for now =)

say hi n gudbye =)

short stories ends...... NOW!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summit trip =)

we plan to go summit
i sure can go la
coz my koko is bowling
therefore bowling is in summit
so, i can go =)
after school...
actually li jin follow pey yan
stay in school then oni\
go summit
but pey yan say need go home 4while
so... know wat???
li jin follow me home =.=///
walao, li jin in my car that time
i abit pai seh =.=///
when reach home...
my mum ask her wan eat onot
she say wan, lolzzz
somore my mum never cook rice
for the catering food
so best go out eat lo
my mum give me 10 bucks
i take li jin go out 126 there makan
taking li jin reli feels like
i had a small sis =.=///
u know wat i mean la, lol
pattern macam kanak kanak oni
she at least eat cheap things la
then drinks
i drink tea she drink luo han guo
ok la, juz like treat a sister la =)
after eat, we walk back to my home
keh li found us in our half way back home
then we went back home
quickly change my baju then fly out
when reach summit..
li jin tukar baju
reli takes time =.=///

i waited for her
then when she comeout
walao, she wear so...
show off =.=///
a singlet n a shorts, LOLZ
then i n li jin dancing whole time oni
sure i play a little tekken 6 la
when li jin join play tekken 6
i feel like li jin reli funny
but of cause she lose la
dancing time more worse
i teach her my dancing technic
so she reli can catch up liao
not bad la
she can dance until shout
miss... shout... =.=///
i like very pai seh coz i know her
somore dance beside me, walao
then another case...
edward ask keh yi for cpl
keh yi keep on thinkin
ask me, johnson, alan, brandon
she already have a dissicion
y should she ask us...
her dissicion was...
sure hurt edward real badly
i hope edward still ok for now
dun do anything crazy
*compliment for edward*
'the world not oni 1 girl,
thats many girl awaits u,
wants ur protection,
ur love,
dun juz give up like that... =)'
always cheer for u edward =)
i hope this won effect on our dance group
n the relation between us
after that, brandon mom fetch me back again...
appreciate it =), thx to his mom fetch me everytime =)

thats all for now =)

say hi=)
n gud bye =)

little heart n diary stories ends....

pls move away ur sight to the X button or anything else =)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Woot Woot Mon Day

2day, monday
sure got perhimpunan
this time abit more long
know y??
smk usj 8 ppl know la of coz
pn Cheng Kuen Yin
talk sooooooooooooo much
sooooooooooo long
walao, she not yet thirsty we oso slp di la
then, teacher ask us all.... buku catatan....
then every monday teacher oso will call anyone
go n speech wat we wrote in our buku catatan
wat kind of bloody rules is this
this school reli lame la
went back to class
gene, nathalea, delnah n few of them
clean the floor
coz its full of paint stains
by using
mop, cloth, tina water
the smell, ohhh
WTH, too corrosive
then suddenly...
li jin go n help
i like O.O
like suddenly dunno that is li jin or not
will help mop the floor O.O///
at BC time
actually me, li jin n edward bet something
that time czyn yi is slping
on the next row
so i n edward said
if li jin throw the piece of paper
can kena czyn yi
we give RM 10 XD
she keep on sayin
then suddenly bell ring
czyn yi woke up
li jin thought wan get money
coz she need money badly
for some reason
so we said
if li jin can win us on the dancing machine
edward said
5 star RM50, 8 star RM 100 O.O
me ah, anything la, 8 star oso can
kehli, 5 star RM 50
so li jin leg itchy liao
but she know she cant win
we thought 2day suppose to go summit
she ask me train her the dancing machine
so i say ok lo
but after reccess...
i think of it'
auditions on this saturday
we should focus more on our dance
instead of the dancing machine
now that li jin had join us
Xtreme Youth
she dance Oh onli
others, cant catchup
n the song Its You
the song actually for 7 ppl
edward reduce to 5
oni me, edward, kehli, brandon n tze yang
we can dance the whole song di
so at least we never had a waste time staying back
after dancing practise....
gene tired until slp
WAH!!!! first time see leh...
i always thought she so hyperactive
first time she 'pengsan'
then brandon fetch edward back
i... plan to walk home wif keh li
after li jin's dad come fetch her
we escort gene back
n we walk back
everytime we walk back take times
but i n kehli
keep on talking n talking
juz feel like reach home in 5 min from school
but actually 35 min lol

gene... cant even see through
wat is she made from =.=///
sometime reli emo sometime laugh like mad dog =.=///
n li jin
kesian she lost her RM30
then i see li jin like...
become a second person like that
she this kind of pattern
where she will help to mop floor or wat
without teachers calling
then now bout dancing
few weeks ago, she came my house
she dance like kayu oni
now, wah!!!
she goyang until so nice di
wah, all boy fall in love wif her di
XD jkjking
n thx for edward help me plan the dance steps
for Its You

thats all for now

say hi =)
n gdbye =)

little stories ends.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010


auditions is going on next saturday...

yup, thats labour day

1st of May

im gettin more n more nervous

we had practising 2day

be4 that]

we have school

in the morning

my dad fetch sis(chrisanne) n keh yi

not many ppl go school 2day

for our class

we had painting whole day

our class is one side green XD

paint brought by Pavi

tze yang n li jin

go USJ 12

they had canteen day

li jin pass the paint then she walk away

wif tze yang, lol

after school

we thought li jin mom fetch us to

Sunway Piramid

to buy our dance costume

but too bad li jin mom never fetch us

so we got no choice juz to go our own

we went home by bus

then my mum fetch us to sunway piramid

that time was reli traffic jam

so my mum go round n round =.=

juz to find a route that not jam


we reach piramid bout almost 3

first we went to some shops to see cloths

which are perfect for me n keh li

n a perfect affortable price

i bought mine in Romp

its reli cheap n nice

n even free a cool tie

its juz cost 49.90

lol, cheap isn't it??

keh li bought his in a....

japanese name shop, 4get wats the name

then i saw a X USJ 8 form 5 guy

the vest we choose for keh li actually cost 89.90

so he give us discount at least he remember me XD

so its cost 69.90 =)

after that we went to arcade play 4 while

then we sit a mini bus back to my house

me, keh li n edward.....




that means we change our new costume

the girls, see then wa.... wa... wa....


then we walk to usj 1 avenue

i think gene got bit problem

when we begin to walk she so emo

than when i almost step on a.....

Gene, u know la.....

she laugh like mad dog.....


non stop from Chee Wen until we reach to

USJ 1 avenue....

later, we dance... practise...

took some pic~

Friday, April 23, 2010

FryDay XD

after school, we plan to go brandon's house
be4 that, i, chrisanne, keh li, keh yi n edward
went to summit
i play tekken 6 n dancing
in tekken 6, i finally win my rival XD
he's name is Nakrull
fren of me n brandon
he's a Devil Jin pro
i finally lucky, i always use wat brandon suggest
me to do
n win him, hahahahahahahahaha
lol, too happy di
n dancing machine...
i finally pass
the Its A Small World
n its trick mode
8 star hard
i finally pass, hahahaha
happy lol

after that
we went brandon house by walking
we juz dance 1 song
then we borrow brandon's shorts
n know wat.....?? =)
jump in the swimming pool XD
that time weather is hot
we dance dam syok
edward abit emo
dun ask me y
as chrisanne plan
actually she wanna went back
n come back to brandon house
swim until 10 pm
i can, but too bad i got tuition =(
8 to 10
so i did went back home
get rdy the tuition things
went back to brandon's house again
swin again
that time edward never follow
i n keh yi went back at 7 30
then i go tuition

the feels in swimming pool
wif chrisanne, brandon, keh yi n edward
feels refreshing, feel great
too bad keh li never go
dun ask me y

thats all for now =)\

say hi n gdbye =)

short stories ends..... NOW!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

thursday thurst thrust...

hi again =)
well... nothing reli happen 2day
n the nick thing
oso settle di
juz 2day morning
after the daily assembly
we stay coz for photography
i, brandon, gene n li jin
maybe goin to the photography trip
in 22nd of June
its Tuesday
sure i go
i duwan to go for sejarah
got 2 period sejarah that day
lol, i rather pay 15 ringgit
than see that habibah
so i n brandon decided to go
when we write our name
Pn Tan tangkap li jin
her socks
her hair
her earings
gene safe, =.=
we purposely the last one to write
coz we wanna go up late

i begin to nervous
of our dance audition
is next saturday
never expected time cross so fast
this saturday we have school
so i planned
after school
i follow gene, cy, yy
to sunway pyramid
maybe our costume..
we purchase there
n this saturday is our last day studio training
i hope gene, can dance properly
not play play
i hope chrisanne have a mood to dance
no fail this time
im gonna take my camera there to take some pic
put in our fb fan page n blog

that all for now =)
say hi n gdbye =)

short story endssss.... NOW!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bout the engage of nick n brandon

well, this morning in school
we find brandon when recess time
n ask y he lie to us
edward cant tahan, he straight push the table
n keh li scold edward this is school
n stuffs
so we stop, the pengawas stop us too
then when we go down
i ask brandon
wat did he told nick
that time, i swear if he still lying
he's face gonna leave a mark
but at least he tell the truth
so, we forgive him
actually for me, i cannot forgive him'
but i have think of it
why i should less a fren n more an enemy
n i duwan to lost a good dancer in our dancing group
i decided to 4give him
but we think again
if nick was innocent...
y wun he tell us sraight
he somore wanna lc us
that time i, edward n keh li oso beh tahan liao
somore in phone
he so lc
somore ask come la come la
like that
so we think of it
we go summit face to face settle
although he did disturb joey
we wan him to say sorry to joey
actually he's the one who ask us go summit at 2
thought we r his dog
but becoz of joey
so we did go
but when we go
we never saw him
then i saw aaron
he wanna help us
so we call nick
n ask where is he
he say he at home
we... ZHA DAO
ask us come than he ffk
stay at home
wats the meaning of this man
so we ask him pass the phone 2 his mom
we tell everything
n even his dad
so 2night we're goin brandon's tuition center again
face to face settle....

for my attitude, i cant reli 4give brandon
but, few conditions make me 4give him
1, he tell the truth n not lying anymore
2, thx to li jin make me laugh n my hatred cool down
3, edward n keh li always ask me calm down
4, think about the dancing things

ok, i do 4give u brandon
if u let us caught one more time
our frenship not gonna last for any second
we r goin to help settle about nick

thats wat im gonna say now
blogging makes me feel confortable =)

say hi n gdbye
we meet again next time =)

story endssssss.... NOW!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Bad Mood

2day, i was very very
upset n dissapointed about brandon
2night, actually we should go to his tuition center
to help him..
then we prepare to have backup n anything
this conclusion.....
not 1 of us can imagine
we thought a guy call nick will fight brandon
after the phone call (long story)
i n edward prepare for a fight or anything
keh li n keh yi follow us
chrisanne, Louis n some of his frens
oso came, we though is tough to settle
when they came down
we straight scold nick without questions
we surround nick n never care bout other ppl
we scold n scold
then at the end oni....
nick told us
all the cause n accidents
was brandon's plan
after heard that...
we straight dulan
i n edward hit the wall wif our umbrella
n beh song brandon liao
we straight take him to the car park
edward scold n scold n scold
for my mood
i dam FUCKING dulan
(gene, if u saw this, sorry, i cant
control my mood, cant even tahan)
edward say give him a chance
so, we juz let him go, coz he's our best fren
so we went to the old basketball court
me n edward cant tahan our mood
like wanna find a ppl to hantam kao kao
so after that, i went back
my father scold me
go out so late n stuffs
its wasting my time
i thought brandon is in trouble
i dun even care of myself n go help brandon
but now\
wat he has treat us
becoz of him she ponteng her tuition
keh li, keh yi, they lie to their parents juz wanna help
but now.....
i reli upset

after my father went to bed
i call nick
n ask him wat brandon told him
i dun think nick is that bad
at least he say sorry to me
n told me everything bout brandon
actually i wanna give brandon first n last chance
but after heard wat nick say
im afraid i lost a best fren

i dun think our frenship last any more minutes
i do believe wat nick say
at least he say sorry to me n be frens wif me

i cant believe u
until u know wat is wrong
until u know how u appreciate FRIENDSHIP
i do be frens wif nick
but the FUCKING brandon
u make us,
me, ur best fren
edward, ur best fren
chrisanne, ur pet sis
keh li, ur best fren
keh yi, ur best fren
fuckin upset of u

thats all in my heart,
i pose this coz i cant tahan,
i do feel more confortable after typing those

if my post too many bad words
im sorry (especially gene)
coz im in reli bad mood

say hi
n gdbye

stories ends...... NOW!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Practising monday

back for bloggin again =)

2day, we have practise after school
actually we suppose to have sejarah extra class
but me n brandon
skip it
i, brandon, edward, chrisanne, keh li
went to maju maju for lunch after school
i ate maggi goreng
keh li ate roti canai
we were itchy body
coz brandon brought his phone
we open song
n we shakin our body when eating
chrisanne (sis) said we were mad
we do
after eating, we went back to school
then we juz saw our class ppl
finish their extra class
but they told us
i n brandon were dead
coz we skip it
by ranning of
n its Pn Habibah
OMG, we were dead
me, brandon n li jin

on that time
my mum came pass me the mini compole
so we practise in bengkel pertanian
i finally can memorize all the basic steps
for the song its you
haha, but some part cant reli catch up the song
so muz practise more =)
then i saw edward dance, OH
OMG, me n li jin
jkjk, actually not so bad la
but u know wat i mean la
boy dance girl song

now about....
dunno chrisanne, gene or kyuhyun =.=
the perfect character for chrisanne
is kyuhyun
but gene....
he dun let chrisanne take kyuhyun
juz like she dun let another girl choose his husband oni
wateva la, see gene is my sister
i try give chrisanne kang-in la

after dancing practise
brandon's father fetch
me, edward n keh li home
thx to him =)

well, thats all for now,
prepare to die 2moro

say hi n goodbye

little story ends.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

breakfast, sandwiches O.O

yeah, im a little happy this morning
i manage to learn my sis's sandwich
her sandwich was reli delicous
my dad like it much
me too of cause =)
my sis ( real sister)
came back this morning
she at home now
i try to learn my sis
make the sandwich
is not easy
coz u need to know, which is the perfect spot
n perfect cook
i was reli happy
i had try many times last time
i failed
either is too black or too raw
its not easy
but now....
i manage to make sis sandwich
i was reli happy
coz my dad doesnt know who made the sandwich
sure he thought is my sis
but sis told dad, lol
he cant imagine that i success
for myself
im quite satisfying of my 1st success
my dad eat many piece
he's like, a hungry wolf
4get to take some photo, lolz

thats all for now
the short story tales ends....

say hi n gdbye XD

Sorry Sorry

yo,long time i never touch my blog
our dance, its better somehow
2day, or shall i say yesterday
coz its pass 12am XD
we had a training in USJ 1 avenue
well, our training is not goin bad
but lack of Gene n Chia Yi
too bad
then sud my sis
join us
it should be hard to memorize many steps
in juz short times
i will always cheer my sis
lol, 2day got a few incident
tze yang
dunno y, he walk oso can drop in the pond
i dunno wats happening
but, mb unlucky...
that time i was inside the studio
teaching my sis bout the dance steps
is keh li
he go play the running machine
the speed is too fast
he run until fall kao kao
his wrist, shoulder, leg
injured, lol
n i see no anger engaging
for joey n my sis to edward
im happy, coz edward is a good dancer
so he join us, im kinda glad
then when raining time
i, sis n brandon walk out
n shreded by rain
the feel is so refreshing
then brandon say, go to the rooftop
so we did went
lol, the view is so nice
then we shouted loudly
it helps to be happy
the feels like
bad mood shouted away
then be4 we go down
lol, brandon n sis prepare the lift
as the escape route, lol
know y???
coz we plan something
i go n press 1 of the house doorbell
then i quickly run to the lift
lol, so freakin fun
when we went down
we playin a guy on phone name nick or somethin
lol, we scold him bad words n stuffs
when we waitin for my mom
i see kehli abit upset
he straight go away n never say bye or somethin
joey n edward say he jealous
coz i n sis got on too close or somethin
well, i juz known chrisanne as my sis
never side thinkin
then we went back

after that,
my sis told me in fb'
that the nick guy wanna have a fight on brandon
we juz playin fun at him
then he say our mother never teach us moral
then i freakin dulan
feel like finding him n have a chaotic punch on him
so, we wait
2 thing
monday he come our school find us
teusday we go brandon's tuition find him
me n sis planned

n 2day
sis juz let me see her blog
i feel abit pity her
her life was so bitter
nobody wanna had that kind of life
no matter wat
i will always cheer my sis
cant imagine she had a big family problem

now is bout li jin
well, i feel abit pity her too
she been betray by her friends
begining they were good frens
i saw some sort of pic in her fb
happy photos wif them
n now, in cames out a sad conclusion
..... this world isn'nt fair
li jin was innocent
but her friends always say she is wrong
well, i sweared, if her friends start a fight
i cant juz sit n watch
ill join in the crowd
there's no way that an innocent ppl get hurt
n being said she's wrong
n ill cheer for li jin too

thats enuf for now

say hi n bye =)