Super Junior, KyuHyun

Super Junior, KyuHyun

Saturday, May 15, 2010


long time i never update the blog...

went 1 utama wif sheryl
auntie sally fetch us there...
im glad she's free
then my mom n auntie sally walk around
i n sheryl walk around too =)
*dun ask me whos sheryl*

we went to the jusco part there
long time never go edi
wanna find our way out to the older part oso hard
we like inside the hidden passage
at last im smart

pass by the TGV cinema...
sheryl thought it was a dead end
TGV lies between the new wing n the old wing
of cause...
the old wing is more bigger
went we pass by the TGV cinema..
we like... O.O
soooooooo longgggg wayyyyyy
almost like 2-3 km long
its reli big
the walking path is quite sempit...
somore so many ppl
many game shop there
then we walk to the middle part there
we thought we at highest floor
then we saw escalator...
we go up
a new GSC cinema was build
lol, much more bigger then TGV
then we see up again
its arcade n CC
haha, many ppl on that cc
its not in a shop
its outside the walking way
hahaha, 1st time saw a cc lyk that
then we went arcade...
tekken 6 br was there
ubut, no dance machine
its quite expansive
RM1 for 1 token
2 token for tekken 6
the arcade is small
but many ppl playin tekken 6 br
haha, so i play for fun
but too bad i 4get bring my tekken 6 card
coz know y??
so many noob
i use jin win 3 guy
them lose to a leo
then i put token again
choose my new learn miguel
ahaha, win the leo
then another big fat guy come'
he play bob
ahahaha, juz lyk him
lol, sheryl laugh like mad
she laugh so pretty, haha XD
the bob so pro
he win me
i play again
use jin
lose again T.T
then i juz go off
play daytona
the arcade was so boring
so i use the token
play the...
sweet grab machine
it was so big
many sweets inside
i put the last token
sheryl play it
she so lucky
grab so many

i teman sheryl go see baju
the feel is juz different wif teman other girl see baju
she bought a dress
it was reli beautiful
n 70% discount
then we went to subway eat
lol, easy, cheap n fulling
i order a large italiano ham sandwich
we share
it was reli big
so fulling

time pass fast.....
its late at nite
so auntie sally fetch us back
thx to her for the transportation =)
but.... i hope these time wun pass so fast
its a best moment
im at home n bloggin now
there's where i am n wat im doin
there's nothing to write anymore

say hi n gudbye=)
Short story ends.... NOW!!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


its also one of the part of life...
will control ur mood n expressions
will conquer ur brain n ur heart
make u experience admiring
creat more hate n anger
make more war n fighting
make u feel warm
more money will be waste for treatment

Life is a game
we, humans are juz a game character
its no different of playin The Sims or anything
we control 'us'
to find goal to the very end
games will end nomatter what
our lifes ends when the the words
"Game Over' pop out
new game will be created n start new life
new style, new faces....
its nothing... nothing different of playin The Sims
we control ourself... to move n this n that
'Life' this game is not easy at all
somebody think it easy becoz family situation
how our character been created??
how we are from that family??
everything choosen by GOD
GOD is juz like our... 'GM'
Game Master
god is the one who created this game
for us
for u
for me
for she
for he
we must appreciate this 'Life'
this is a rare game
not everyone can be a character like us 'humans'
many of it are animals n plants
we... 'humans' are lucky characters
so we must appreciate what god gives
humans is the best character in this game
Love... is a part of the game

what do u think bout LOVE??
hard?? easy?? happy?? sad??
these wun help...
LOVE is just like a weather
sometimes when we are sad, like raining
angry, like lighning
happy, like sunny day
Love will not be complicated if u cherish
n appreciate the one u loves

love is a pure happiness, it is a warm hug n confort
nights of endless passion, it is a thousand words in a single glance
feeling safe, it is trust n encouragement
few words that reading between
the lines n its reading unwritten

i found 1 of it
appreciate is needed
cannot lose, cannot release
loves her, i will

are also part of the game
frens are a joy
family are a care
god make us
god make them
every human
is appreciatable
do not lose frens
more hate or angle will be created
if god never make frens
then u will be
as lonely as a starfish
in front of ur frens
dun speak too much rude words
be nice, more charisma
frens will be nice 2 u too

i have many good frens
appreciate i must
cant be too rude or too stingy
few words to be memorize

is also needed for life

Money... its earn by parents stressly
its not easy to earn money
unless u reli have ur luck
god make lucks
dun play wif ur lucks
if no Money...
no foods, Game Over will be pop out soon
so do not let the game over
earn some money
appreciate LIFES
nobody earns money without stress
if u realy lack of Money
do not do bad things
like robbing or stealing
doing these did get money
but u will be in jail if caught
then the game will be meaningless
the game will be too bored

pls appreciate lifes
god did give us time
at least 80 years to play
some of it can play even longer
some of it must over early
accidents, is also depends on others
n urself
control urself to a bright future
if u stress in the begining...
future will be full of joy
if u never wanted to stress
ur future life will be full of stress
there is even some way for us to play this game
precious god made us
appreciate until the very end

thats all for now...
say hi n gudbye =)

LIFE story ends.... NOW!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


yeah.. auditions went well =)
we approved to perform in digital mall =)
our its you went well
but our sorry sorry ...
abit mistake...
we need train more
n the girls OH oso
need more training

we have audition in the temple
near USJ 1
be4 that
i went eat bak kut teh in klang wif my family
after im back
li jin came early to my house
the time like was 11 30
i ask them come at 12++
but she came early =.=
so she train her OH first
then later, edward came
li jin 4get a few steps
edward teach her
when i saw edward shake...
i was like...
OMG... lol
ok lah, he shake nice la
but imagine a boy shake his butt
later, tze yang (our hair stylist)
n keh li came
tze yang make our hair
tze yang make brandon hair so yeng
the back all stand
after that...
we went to the temple
start our audition
when 3 girls dance supergirl
me, keh li, edward, brandon
LC them, lol
after our auditions
we went to summit...
by walking
try imagine
i never bring money... lol
we dance dance dance
(dancing machine la)
then saw Aaron Teoh
he dance so dam geng
i n edward like so
never thought aaron dance
then alan came after his work in
Black Canyon
he play initial D
wif brandon
then shaw come play wif him
but he accidently choose Akagi map
so shaw sure lose la
shaw ask Eddy play
lol, the block car pro
sure eddy win la
then my mom come fetch me back...
it was heavy rain

n thats all =)
say hi n gudbye =)

short stories ends.....