Super Junior, KyuHyun

Super Junior, KyuHyun

Friday, April 13, 2012

A new Era of life~

years since i updated dis blog,
my purpose here,
is to reveal my thoughts,
time pass like eye wanks,
17 already, last year of school year,
after this, we'll never know what hit'em,
the important exam is coming,
cant stop the hardworking,
change my thoughts for the coming future...
and of course i won't give up my dance,
its 1 of my interest anyway,
to get rid of stress,
this year,
we're getting like, lesser members...
7 to 5, 5 to 3...
i hope we made a good performance later,
change my view of love,
about getting back historical story,
like Sun Ce - Da Qiao,
Zhou Yu- Xiao Qiao...
i could be that zhou yu guy,
and the sun ce is my so called, brother,
yes, we 2 best frens is proposing on 2 sisters...
never thought we could make historical love story back...
but i fell sorry for someone,
who still leaving a scar of her,
but a scar is a scar,
it pass,
but the way i love her,
is more than the others...
i know there is some one better than this,
but i have the confident and potential of victorious,
but until today,
'i heard a fren who was elder 1 year than me,
brake up with a girl because about college study,
it make me afraid cause i might continue studying,
and the time of love had pay up for education...
so this makes me delay my thoughts of proposing her...
my next dance member,
who was so called play boy,
he never change his attitude,
that make us unsatisfactory...
and for school, i feel that our school had turn out more peaceful,
upper rank gangsters graduate to some part Holland,
my bad attitude has change...
i finally manage to disable the influence of smoking,
play truant...
i manage to stop myself and focus on the dance and education...
my classmate...
so called himself, college student..
the first i know him last year,
he do look like one,
but now, he is getting...
what makes him to turn down like this...
nobody knows...
and the meeting with the korea star,
SNSD, Girls Generation,
i will not forget that day,
manage to saw their face clearly without paying a single sen...
that is so called beginer luck...
still waiting for my sister to get married,
for extra angpau,
found a very nice tuition,
i hope i can achieve an excellent result for my parents,
they thought me well,
and cant even manage to thank by showing results,
i even do bad things behind them,
when i think about it now,
i feel trembly guilty,
so i will show my thanks on the following exam, SPM...

im not sure why i wanted to write it here,
maybe i wanna reveal my thoughs...
so that i can be more comfortable...
and i hope my love, will stay healthy,
drink more green tea,
always be happy,
forget about the pass, look through the future,
i will always be yourside~~ :) <3

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